What to wear for family photos-choosing the right patterns and color scheme.

Capturing those intimate family moments in a natural setting can create timeless memories. However, deciding what to wear can be stressful, mostly for Mama!! Here are some tips to help you dress your best for outdoor family photos.

1. Coordinate, But Don't Match

Coordinating colors and styles can create a more visually appealing photo. Choose a color palette that complements each other without being too matchy-matchy. For example, you could choose a color scheme of earth tones like browns, greens, and creams for a cohesive look. Start with MAMA and find something you LOVE and then style your family around your outfit.

2. Consider the Location

Think about the backdrop of your photoshoot when choosing your outfits. For a beach shoot, light, flowy fabrics in blues and whites can look stunning. For a forest setting, earthy tones and textures like denim and plaid can blend beautifully with the surroundings.

3. Dress for the Season

The weather can play a significant role in your outfit choices. In colder weather, layering can add depth and interest to your outfits. In warmer weather, light and breathable fabrics can keep you comfortable while looking stylish.

4. Avoid Busy Patterns

While patterns can add visual interest, busy patterns can be distracting in photos. Opt for subtle patterns or textures that add depth without overwhelming the overall look.

5. Accessorize Wisely

Accessories can elevate your outfit, but they should complement, not overpower. Simple jewelry, scarves, or hats can add a touch of personality without distracting from the main focus.

6. Comfort is Key

Above all, make sure you and your family are comfortable in what you're wearing. If you're constantly adjusting your clothes, it will show in the photos. Choose outfits that allow you to move freely and feel at ease.

7. Test Outfits Before the Shoot

To avoid any last-minute surprises, try on your outfits before the day of the shoot. This will give you time to make any necessary adjustments and ensure that everyone looks their best.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your family looks coordinated and stylish in your outdoor photoshoot. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the experience of capturing these memories together.

8. reach out for help!

I love helping my clients with styling their shoots. Send photos, links, inspiration and I will walk you through the process!

Family-photoshoot-New Hampshire
Family photoshoot-Exeter-New Hampshire
Family-photoshoot-Rye-New Hampshire